This is a selective and very personal web site by an enthusiastic, amateur collector of books on historical exploration in Antarctica. It exists to simply encourage others to read about the extraordinary people that went to the driest, coldest, most inhospitable continent on this earth. The courage shown, the hardship endured is something special and reading about them I am sure will leave you full of admiration.

To newcomers to this site and to this subject, I urge you to read 'The Worst Journey In The World' by Apsley Cherry - Garrard. This book gives a good indication of the hardships endured and of the stress of leadership in such extreme conditions.

Study also the difference in leadership qualities of these early explorers. Roland Huntford has written some well researched books- (Scott & Amundsen / The Race to the Pole). They also have been described 'as the case against Scott'. Make your own mind up about him- he was a product of the age and perhaps not the incompetent ogre that he is sometimes made out to be. Above all, enjoy the often understated heroic efforts of those who lived in an age of enlightenment.


This is not a commercial site and I run it solely to share my enthusiasm for the subject. It has been in existence in various forms since 1997. During that time I have answered a host of questions from various sources about the Antarctic and Antarctic books. I hope to continue to do so. I welcome comments and updates on the books listed and particularly if you spot any factual errors.

Stewart Elder

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