Duty Officer Training / Dinghy Instructor / Sailwave / RYA First Aid

Prority places for some of these courses are given to Instructors

Duty Officer (Racing)

The aim of this one day is to demistefy the Duty Officer’s role and show how easy it is. If you have 'had a go' at racing then you CAN be a Race Officer. The day is informal and limited to a maximum of 6 participants so that everyone can see properly what goes on.

    The course will answer the following questions:

  • How is a course set?
  • What do the flags mean?
  • What do the horn signals mean?
  • When do the flags go up (then down)?
  • How do I calculate the results?
  • What responsibilities am I taking on?
  • Where are all the keys? Making the building secure?
  • How do the radios work?
  • What happens if I have a serious incident?

Find out what all the flags mean and what is involved in running the club for the day.
1100 – Gather for coffee and a discussion on course setting, flag sequences, the race timer, entering results into the computer etc.
Lunch (bring a sandwich)
1400 – One group run the first Saturday Race whilst the others act as mark layers. Enter results
1530 – Groups swap over and run the second Saturday Race. Enter result
By the end of the day you will have run at least one race, under the supervision of an experienced club member and hopefully you will feel sufficiently competent to have a go on your own. This course is acceptable as one days duty. Please swap dates on DutyMan if have already booked your dates.
Please book your place on the course on the dutyman rota (the course is free).Instructor: Simon King.
Course Date: Saturday 23rd March.
Saturday 13th April
Saturday 13th April
Saturday 27th April

Duty Officer (Non-Race)

All you need to know about opening and closing the club in a secure manner ie Tuesday free sailing or Scullers Duty Officer.
The aim of this one course is to pass on information about running the club on non-racing days (currently Tuesdays and some Bank Holidays).
What responsibility am I taking on?
Where are all the keys?
How do the radios work?
Where is everything?
Opening and securing the buildings
Emergency procedures

Course Dates: - on demand. Speak to DutyMan (Stewart)

Pre-course reading for Duty Officer Courses

Please acquaint yourself with this material BEFORE doing the course

Racing at HSC Contains all you need to know about running races (basic the DO course text-book). Essential reading.
Duty Officer Guides Contains all you need to know about unlocking/securing the premises. Has all the keys codes - hence only available on application from the dutyman Stewart
Current Safety Notices: This page links to the email reminder received by the current weeks duty crews. It advises them of current safety issues at Hollowell.
Biosecurity: Advise to parents re our current rules regarding supervision of children while at the club.
Water Safety Policy:What we expect you to do and know, when you are in charge.

Dinghy Instructor

Whether you are interested in teaching dinghy sailing as a career or hobby, this is your course! You should be an experienced sailor, with a wide range of skills and passionate about introducing others to the sport. Ideally you will have completed some RYA Advanced modules.

The minimum age is 16 and you will need Powerboat Level 2 and a valid First Aid certificate. You will also be asked to demonstrate your competency by completing a Pre-Entry Assessment prior to the course. The D.I. course takes approximately 50 hours and is taught by an RYA Dinghy Coach Assessor. Students are trained and assessed during the course on preparation, delivery and on communication skills, including giving presentations. A moderation takes place at the end of the course by another Coach Assessor

Assistant Dinghy Instructor

Fancy joining the Training Team?

The Assistant Instructor (AI) award provides recognition for the 'in-house' training given to experienced sailors intending to qualify as RYA dinghy instructors. The AI is a competent small boat sailor who has been trained to assist instructors in teaching sailing up to the standard of the Level 2 or Stage 3 courses. They work under the supervision of an HSC RYA senior instructor (SI). As the AI's training is limited to assisting qualified instructors and does not include first aid or powerboat handling, AIs never work without direct supervision.

Eligibility Candidates must hold one of the RYA Sailing Scheme advanced modules and have the recommendation of their centre's Principal.

Training and assessment are conducted by the Principal or Chief Instructor of the training centre who holds a valid RYA SI certificate. The training may be based on a 20 hour course covering the RYA teaching methods for beginners (from RYA book G14). Candidates will be assessed on their teaching ability with beginners. Successful candidates will have their logbook signed and will be awarded the AI certificate by their Principal

Sailwave Training

Input the results onto the Sailwave database.
Don't leave it until the pressure is on and everyone wants the results! Come along and learn about the inner workings of Sailwave in a relaxed evening. This is aimed at duty officers, assistant duty officers and anyone who gets involved (aka roped in) to inputting and publishing racing results.
An ability to type more than 1 word per minute would be useful. The course is free but please do try to book your place online using webcollect -(Events section)

Thurs 21st March 19:30 (1 Evening course)

RYA First Aid

RYA First Aid 1 day training courses Designed to prepare you for First Aid situation in a marine environment. The RYA First Aid training course covers everything from minor bumps and scrapes to Hypothermia and CPR and is suitable for mariners of all ages. These are popular courses and priority places are given to HSC Instructors

Saturday 2nd Feb 2019

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