Day 8 Mulhouse to Sundhouse.......Turn left at the honeysuckle bush.

A day with very long, straight, stretches or road through forest and canals, saw very little of the Rhine. Eventually it started to zig-zag through back lanes with small open fields. Sundhouse came upon us at about 4 pm and we asked around if there was any places to stay. It was made quite clear to us there wasn’t. Still we were pointed to a large farm building on the edges of the town where apparently the farmer rented out Gites. Met by an elderly lady and make very welcome in a most wonderful house with the largest solid old french furniture I had every seen. After about 30 mins the husband turned up a showed us upstairs to the house where there was the most luxurious apartment. A mad rush down to the supermarket which close at 6pm brought enough to feed an army and spent the evening eating and drinking. A most wonderful place. The village consisted of some very old houses - I do not know how they managed to survive the war.

Day 9 Sundhouse to Druisenheim
Road to nowhere.

We seem to be some sort of test track road. It meanders for miles and miles. There are large security gates and signs saying this road may be closed. We see no sign at all of the Rhine as its over the other side of a very large bank. We try to ride on this but it's too bumpy, so its back to this road. It appears to be at least 20 miles long eventually, we join a Rhine cycle path after crossing back on to the German side. There was a cafe at this point it as the weather was extremely hot it was very welcome. At a place where the road disappeared meant taking a ferry over to the other side, we diverted off left into Druisenheim and stayed in a dull old fashioned hotel but it met our needs very well. Had a particularly nice meal in a restaurant in the main Square that evening.

Day 10 Druiseheim to Maintz
A bit of cheating today!

Arrived in Mainz by train from Kurlshrue. Just getting too boring and not seeing the river as it is behind a great big flood embankment. The train journey was superb in that the bike carriage was behind the driver and all that was between us was a large glass panel. It was as if we were in the cab! Mainz was busy and hot and the Youth Hostel was quite a bit away but we found it in the end. Very busy and took the opportunity for bike repairs. In the morning we split up and I went to have new spokes.

Day 11 Mainz to St. Goar
Main tourest area and lots to see - a great ride.

Started off badly by finding the route very difficult to follow. Went through acres of well-tended allotments and eventually joined the river paths. Good for cycling as we were able to stop whenever we wanted not like those in cars who are restricted by the fast road/ rail squeezing into the side of the river. Lots to see and another nice ride. Hotel at St Goar was very good and nice meal there in the evening. Although did get a bit drunken.

Day 12 St. Goar to Ramegan
Lots of crossings on ferries - getting into big cities

Feet up with a cold beer at the end of the day.

Journey losses its scenic appeal from here - and it starts to rain!

Can’t get the route wrong!- just follow the very wide cycle path along the river. We split up again agreeing to meet at Koblenz at the Deutsch -Eck monument. Which we did within a few minutes of each other. I think we took at least three ferries over the Rhine and back again as we followed to E15. This was a good days ride - Finishing at a excellent hotel with very modern rooms and overlooking the river. A ferry was running below us and again a very nice meal. We were their only customers.

Mosel meets the Rhine. Iconic place for Germany

Gorge has superb bike road - much better for seeing the sights.

Day 13 Ramegan to Kleve
A long train ride - Bonn to Kleve

Not much more to say really. Scenery had run out. Big cities are a nightmare. Fed up with large industrial scenery. But mainly because we are still about a week away from getting home. And...its raining. Kleve turns out to be a bit poor really. Stayed in a business hotel. Terrible evening meal in fast food curry place.
Crossed the river several times today (mostly, ferry).
Arrived in Kleve - by train.

Kleve had something to do with Anne of Cleves and the swan thingy has important symbolism for the town but I can’t be bothered to find out why

Day 14 Kleve to Culemborg
First experience of Dutch sign posting.

First experience of Dutch signposting. Got here by cycling in and out, over and under the Dutch border. As usual the route map was far to complicated and we were taken under the wing of the elderly Dutch gentleman to seemed to have a pedal powered electric bike. We tried to discuss the route with him using out maps but he ended up riding with us for ages waiting at every junction to make sure we followed him. It was a really nice ride although the weather was a bit shitty.
At Culemborg the rain got heavier and after visiting the tourist office who gave us a B&B guide we found ourselves yet again struggling for accommodation. Eventually we ended up at this farm just outside of town and it was a little gem. Ideal arrangements with farm produced food including bread. Went into town for a meal and had a particular nice meal at a very trendy sort of place.
Checked out the railway station for tomorrow and trains leave every 15 mins to Utrecht. Huge multi-storey building next to it is for bikes! Thousands of them!

Had excellent accommodation on a farm. Cabin with everything we needed including fresh food.

Day 15 Culemborg to Rotterdam
Yes, by train.

Culemborg itself was a nice town. It was from here we caught the train to Hook of Holland. We had run out of time and were finding the intricices of town cycle paths without a map just too difficult.