Day 4 Chur to Rochach
....boring, long straight bits - then the sun comes out and it all changed!

When have major issues about the route signposting after yesterday’s farce. Interesting group discussions - you should NEVER NEVER say - ‘This is the way to go’ -unless you have positive, undeniable proof. Always keep an open mind and do listen as to why this other person thinks he is right and you are not. Vice-versa, the person who adamant should pause and ask themselves - why is this person doubtful? We conclude today that we will rigidly follow the signs.

As it was, the route today was fairly obvious as it is on top of very large flood dykes. The very wide path disappears into the distance and you can just seen a gentle curve. When you get there it’s another long straight with a gentle curve . The views behind are superb (mountains) The view in front is of a backside. We ride in line as there is a very strong head wind so some of us take turns in the lead. I always take a couple of days to get ‘in the groove’, something to do with my blood/sugar levels and fatigue overcomes me. I call time-out for a break nearly every hour. I need to stop and have a drink and something to eat fairly often.

Not the most exciting set of photographs but it does reflect the sort of day it was, long, long dykes overlooking a wide shallow river. We did run parallel with Liechtenstein. It wasn’t until we turned left at Lake Constance that things looked up. Firstly, the weather became sunny and the view across this huge lake were brilliant. Spent the night in a very nice hotel on the water front. Its a very nice evening and we all eat at a pizza place (again) in a very old building. The views over the lake are superb.

Day 5 Rochach to Rhine Falls.......We ride with thousands!

Followed the shores of Constance then the German side of the Rhine. This was a good ride today. The paths were obvious and in superb condition. There must have been thousands of people out on their bikes which added to the occasion. Stopped midday at the medieval town of Stein am Rhein.

Just outside Schaffhausen we joined in with a big big rally. All the roads were traffic free and at the end we all got free drinks and goodies. The day was special. When we arrived at the Rhine falls, they were packed with tourists. We eventually found the Youth Hostel which was a ‘castle’ within the grounds. Come the evening all the tourist’s had gone and we had the place to ourselves. The falls were spectacular. The hostel did meals and we had a nice time chatting to the cook and drink the beer fridge dry.

The castle is where we stayed overnight. Made it so much better as we had the paths and viewpoints to ourselves after the blasted nuisance tourist (what are they like?) had gone home.

Day 6 Rhine Falls to Rheinfelden
Hot and lost!..........again!

Rhenfelden - nice town and a great hostel - Rosa's. What a nice day. Easy riding along the river edge and one of the best place we stayed at all week - Rosa was a very upmarket backpackers hostel lovely place and a very hard working Rosa looked after us very well. We finished off our last day in Switzerland with a very nice meal in a restaurant overlooking the river - a pizza, of course - its the national food of Switrzerland

Day 7 Rheinfelden to Mulhouse........Crossing borders all day

Well it starts as soon as we leave the Rosa’s, are we on the right road? We think we are, although it appears to be a cycle path down a main road, not ideal. Today we went through Strasbourg. Which was not great at all as the path was being re-layed and again no diversion signs for the cyclist. Right in the centre of the city we managed to pick up a cycle map which got us out of town. One of our group went charging off ahead and we spent a couple of hours looking for him. As we approached Basel again hit road works and diversions. It was easier in the end to all pile onto a tram and get a short ride into the city. Four bikes with kit on one tram caused problems for us but no one else seemed to be to bothered. In Basel it was hot, hot, hot, Had a quick bite to eat and we were on our way again. Hadn’t gone 1 km when we lost the route.

It was a hot day in Basel. A busy place so we did not hang about.