Portsoy Boat Festival

Portsoy is about halfway between Inverness and Aberdeen. The Annual festival puts a special emphasis on boat building, restoration and sailing. I have sailed there twice and day-visited twice more. It is a community project and for the event the town is completed shut-off and shuttle-bus arrangements takes you into the old harbour from the car parks.

I attended in 2009 and stayed in a house right by the harbour for the week leading up to the event with my 2nd oldest boat ‘Kyle Lea’. It was a great week with over 20,000 visitors over 4 days. The sailing was becalmed but there was a huge swell coming up the Firth. It took ages to sail back into the harbour as I refused to get the oars out in case it seemed that could not sail with assistance!

I returned for the day in 2011 and luckily had competent crew as the wind and waves were quite ‘interesting’. I can certainly recommend it for the vintage boat owner - its is a great event which attracts thousands of people.

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