Passage Plan Notes

These have NOT been completed by me. They are 'hopefuls' for the future and place to drop notes and suggestions.

Firth of Forth

Port Edgar to Stirling. 3 days 2nights.

Leave Port Edgar at last of the ebb. Deep shipping channel on the northside, expanse of mud flats on the southside.

Just after Blackness Castle at the eastern end of a shallow bay is the drying moorings of Royal Blackness Boat Club. (overnight?)

Leave early on a falling tide Bo'ess next town, large mud flats to the south will mean little water on a direct course.

At Kincardine bridge river narrows considerably to under half a mile. Will probably require aid of an engine to clear old swingbridge and the new bridge upstream from it. River Forth very muddy banks at this point. Dumnore next and possible stopping place. Tide should now be rising.

Long abandoned fishing vessels at the 'Inch' and wider river as more shallows.

Approaching Upper Tayorton bridge there is only 2.9 m clearance. No where to land to lower mast to help do this. If continuing keep mast down.

Further up the river twist and turns (needs to be springs). After the Wallace Monument Stirling comes into view. New pontoon at the old jetty

High water at Stirling in TC Leith +1 hr 15 mins. Leave top of the tide to get back down. Can run at 6 knots (springs).

Mast can be raised again at Dunsmore. Lazy return option is to visit the Kelpies and entrance to Forth-Clyde canal. There is probably a 'double low water' here.

Take shortest route across shipping lane at Grangemouth and follow the north shore.

Port Edgar (Storage charges)

Forth Ports notice to mariners

Forth Small boat Pilotage