The Borders Raid

A 3 day, two-night tour of the Scottish Borders. I roughly followed the 'Borders Loop' sustrans route. It was well signposted and covers some really nice roads to cycle on. I wild camped just outside Berwick on night one and then the Melrose YH which I see is now closed.

Since doing this trip the Borders Railway has opened which I would look at getting me out off Edinburgh and missing some pretty large housing estates

Starting at The Meadows, Edinburgh. Follow R1 until junction with R76 behind Queen Margaret’s University just outside Mussleburgh.

R76 twists and turns through busy traffic (all-day) through Musselburgh Along by the race course then take the coastal road. This toys between scenic (sea view) and not so nice towns. Carry on to Prestonpans. Head inland to Longniddry Station and go behind this on to a very good bridleway (no traffic). End up in Haddington.

Still R76 out off Haddington, go underneath the A1 to East Linton. Good views of Trapain Law (big hill, with a large chunk eaten out off it). On to Dunbar alongside the A1 through West Barns to Dunbar.

Dunbar worth exploring and stopping for lunch. Out off Dunbar follow track alongside railway behind Cement Works and in front off Power Station. If A1 is quite best just scoot down that road. Join A1 just after Power Station - not a nice road but no alternative. Cycle route takes down you a very steep hill and then a long, long climb back up and across moors to Eyemouth. Stay on main road to Coldingham to by-pass this silly detour.

Don't look for a camping site in or near Eyemouth - there isn't any. Still on R76 head back to A1, straight over on to Ayton. Onwards through some nice back lanes with big well-hidden houses to Berwick. Wild camped on this road - plenty places without causing anyone concern. Don't bother too much about visiting Berwick. Large supermarket just outside at town/A1 junction.

Back on R1 going west follow River Tweed

Cross Tweed by magnificent Union Bridge. Nice quiet roads here. Pass Kelso if you want to. Stopping for the night at Melrose (note YH now closed).

Melrose to Tweedbank and starting to climb the Lammermuirs. Very scenic and surprisingly remote.

Over the hills and twisty road R1 to the outskirts of Bonnyrig and Dalkieth. This bit not so nice. Don't follow R1 as it loops needlessly around the east of Edinburgh. Head straight for city centre and experience some of the worse roads in the country!

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